busy, busy, busy.

I’ve been somewhat fortunate to have had our computer burn out almost a month ago.  Except for missing skype chats with friends, I found I didn’t miss the computer at all!  And as it turns out, can be very productive  without one around to distract me.

this is what I’ve been up to in the last 30 some odd days:

1.   purged a great many things; old baby toys, books, papers and clothes

2.   hung up pictures and paintings that have been stashed in a closet since we moved in

3.   taken more naps and caught up on some sleep

4.   bought a piano (just for fun)

5.   made quilted pillow covers, matching sweatshirts for Izzy and her baby, and a little apron so she can help me in the kitchen

and the biggie…

6.   moved our bed into the smaller of the two rooms and made a big open sunny work/play/craft room out of the other.

I only wish I had taken a before picture to really grasp what an enormous job this was.  The work/play room is far from finished, but is coming together fairly quickly.  I’m just waiting to put up some shelves for all the fabric I have stacked around the room in tubs and bags.  I can’t wait to have it all at arms reach again!  And as soon as I get this whole photo thing worked out, I’ve got plenty of things to share!


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