tea and snack bags

Well I was recently invited by a friend of a friend, to join a group of monstrously talented women to sell our wares at a tea for International Women’s Day last Sunday.  The thought of it terrified and intimidated me (I  enjoy selling things much more when I don’t have to actually be there) but alas, I said yes! and I went, with 25 little snack bags and 2 stuffed lambs to a giant cathedral sized room full of tables with white linens and almost had a heart attack.  I was of course the first one there, which didn’t help my state any, but happy to have found, upon arrival of the others, I was in good company.

the process...

Besides how my legs felt after standing for 3 straight hours, I had a really nice time (and some of the best tea of my life!)

And since Chris’ mom was watching the little girl, we actually got to go out for dinner afterward, just the two of us, for the first time in a year and a half, with the money I made that day.  Not too shabby.

This last week I’ve been sewing like crazy.  Izzy has even started asking me to make specific things like socks for her elephant, pillows for her baby.  Now to get working on her second birthday presents… whatever they may be!

I’ll post pictures of all that soon, but in the meantime:

these ones are for (and waiting for me to send to) Emily These ones belong to, but are yet to be mailed to, Emily.


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