reduce. reuse.

In an effort to throw out less, I had been wanting to replace the little cotton pads I used to take off mascara with some I could wash and reuse.  Months had gone by since I decided to make my own, 5 or 6 in fact, but I never got around to it, something else always came up.  But I wouldn’t buy new cotton pads.  I didn’t use anything, and for the most part I stopped wearing makeup because I didn’t have the means to take it off again.  Well a few nights ago while I was up with Chris in solidarity as he wrote an essay on feasting in Minoan Crete (or something like that), I realized I had everything I needed to make my own and decided it was time.

I found a cloth diaper flat that had been hiding all this time and miraculously remained unused, and some little flannel scraps and went to work.  I used a tin of badger balm as my template and cut circle after circle.  Then I matched 2 layers of the (spotlessly clean, never before used) diaper flat with a layer of flannel and serged them together. Easy peasy.  They turned out pretty well, and the flannel side is nice and soft whereas the other side is a little bit more textured, and therefore exfoliate-y.  (my skin is happy)  I hung a little mesh laundry bag for easy “disposal” and can then just throw them in the laundry when I go through all 36.

note: since writing this, I have used, and washed these little pads on several occasions, and besides coming out of the wash a little balled up, they’ve been wonderful! (to my skin, my wallet, and of course the earth:) happy earth day!


6 thoughts on “reduce. reuse.

    • great idea! Maybe you and Andrea can give me a crochet lesson while you’re here 🙂 there’s so many things I’d like to make…

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