what’s a doughnut?

For her second birthday, the kid got a really great play kitchen from her grandparents.  She loves it.  Plays with it everyday, and makes me more cups of tea and plates of pancakes than I can count.  I really wanted to make her some food for her to play with in her new kitchen so what do I give her but 4 felt doughnuts.  She’s never eaten a doughnut, why on earth would she want 4 of them?  The look on her face when she opened the brown paper bag was priceless.  Bagels?  she asked hopefully.  Doughnuts!  I say. Doughnuts?

I got so wrapped up in making something colourful and fun, that I lost sight of the foods she actually eats and loves.  Fruits and vegetables, sushi or pasta, would have been greeted with big smiles and instant recognition, but alas, I was swayed by the colourful icing and candy sprinkles on deep fried fat.  I have since wised up and made her ravioli for her pasta pot and a piece of whole wheat bread.

Now that Chris is done with exams, I’ll not only have the ideas, but the time to execute them.  This kid is going to have one well stocked pantry.


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