out to lunch and up to date

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything, but I have been busy.  I swear!  And not just with crafting, but with life in general so I haven’t been so great at recording my latest efforts, or to be honest, even thinking about recording them.  Having a blog is still new to me and not always on the forefront of my mind while I’m crafting.  I’ll get better.  Promise.  So, in an effort to redeem myself, here’s all the things I’ve been up to in the last month or so:

Stuffed cat and mouse for the kid, as well as felt ravioli for her kitchen, a basket full of balls, quilted pillow cases, a wee nest for the cats (in an attempt to get them off my fabric, which hasn’t worked as well as I’d hoped), some dresses and shorts for the kiddo out of some old shirts, a handful of knitted hats (ya, I know it’s June), various patterns and deodorant from a recipe I found by Amy Karol in Bust last year.  Not to mention the baking, the playing, the card making, and the piles of never-ending laundry.  😉


I think that gets me just about up to date.  Now I promise not to bombard you with a months worth of stuff all at once again.  Well at least I promise to try.


4 thoughts on “out to lunch and up to date

  1. Hey! I wondered if you might like that deodorant recipe! I’ve been meaning to try it and was going to offer to split a batch with you – does it work? I’m pretty stinky:)-
    BTW, I love the hats!

    • the deodorant is great. way better than most I’ve tried. I’d love to make more!
      and thank you! but I’ve got a lot to learn if I’m going to even attempt to make anything but a rectangle 🙂

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