daddy doll

Izzy has been really missing her dad (who’s away for 7 weeks on a dig — we’re about half-way through now) so I thought that she might find comfort in a doll made in his likeness (and out of his old clothes).  I worked on it on and off for a couple days, and finished it yesterday while she was napping.  I can’t tell you how happy she was to see it next to her when she woke up.  She knew who it was right away and her face just beamed.  Her “dada” has not left her side since I gave it to her.  They read books together, eat snacks and go down the slide.  He follows her everywhere.  They are too cute together and I’m so happy that it seems to be making this time a little easier on her, I only wish I had made little ones of her and I for Chris to have with him.




4 thoughts on “daddy doll

  1. This is so adorable – Hazel & I, too, escaped to my parents’ house for a few days and ended up coming back home early because she cried for her daddy. Very randomly burst into tears and wailed for him. First time ever – I totally caved. Maybe she needs a daddy doll 🙂

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