rainy day

It’s a rainy, thundery kind of day today so the kiddo and I have spent the morning doing the rainy day crafts I’ve been saving up for times like this.  Salt painting, marble painting, finally getting to use our free-store found stamps (Nana came over yesterday with stamp pads. Thank you!)  We even made  a newspaper sword.  Our living room, turned craft room is now in quite a state.  I have a lot of clean up to do before round 2 starts after she wakes up from her nap.

What’s in store for the afternoon?  A little baking maybe?  More painting while I get some sewing projects underway?  Maybe it will clear up enough for us to go outside and enjoy some puddle jumping in our new boots. 🙂


2 thoughts on “rainy day

  1. That looks like fun! I feel like a newbie, but what is salt painting?

    We did many of the same things (minus the painting b/c we didn’t have any), but beading, colouring, cutting paper up into teeny-tiny bits! Fun! We would have done some baking too, but then we had to go to Miss M’s appointment. And then I went to Michael’s and bought paint:)

    • sorry, I forgot to include the links originally, but has since been updated.
      sounds like you guys had a good rainy morning too 🙂 (wish we were still close enough to join you)

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