for the love of coffee

As a stay at home mom (and a stayer-up-way-past-my-bedtime-er), coffee is my very good friend, so needless to say, I was close to devastated three days ago when I broke not only our primary french press, but our back up too.  With instant as our only option at home, I was driven to find a better (and less breakable) way.
Enter our shiny new addition:

I’m in love.  I never knew I could love a coffee pot, but this one is oh so lovely.  (And I can have a second cup 2 hours later and find it still hot within it’s double wall-ed ness).
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back for another cup.


5 thoughts on “for the love of coffee

  1. Is this a percolator?

    I keep thinking I’m going to break my “boddhi” (the children’s cute way of saying bodum, which I think is also a french press) … fingers crossed … it makes such a fine cuppa coffee … how does your new one work?

    • it’s a bodum too (just not a bodum brand), but it is very percolator-ish looking, now that you mention it. does make a fine cup of coffee indeed!

      • Oh, wonderful! Great find! A good cup of coffee is the perfect way to start the day 🙂

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