Well we’re here, and we’re loving it.  This island is absolutely breathtaking.  The food is incredible and the people are wonderfully friendly and accommodating.  Chris works from about 8 until 1:30 when we all meet for a communal lunch, home for a nap, and then back to work from 4:30 to 7ish, get cleaned up and meet up again for a late dinner. 
Izzy is having a wonderful time having the attention of so many adults and is learning a little more Greek everyday (we all are). 
Every day has been laid back and lovely,whether we’re just sitting out in the traverna at the British School or taking walks to the fruit stand down the street, or playing with the kittens we’ve agreed to feed every morning in an olive grove just up the hill from our room.

Everyone (Chris and Izzy included) has gone grocery shopping, so I opted to do a little laundry in exchange for some computer time to myself. I hope to post some more pictures as soon as I can remember to load them onto the computer, but until then, I hope these do.  Carl took these on a recent day trip to Myrtos-Pyrgos (where the pottery that Chris is working on comes from). (thanks Carl!)


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