It’s been a while, huh?   Well I’m just checking in to say though we are all doing well, it’s been a busy few months…
Essays and exams, babysitting, sleepovers, lessons and classes, holiday stuff, dog walking/training, spring move, and some more travelling.  Not to mention being a full-time mom. 

Savouring all the quiet moments.


home, for a moment..

Strange to come home again after being away for 2 months.  Everything is familiar, yet strange.  Took some getting used to.  But now that we’re just getting used to it, we’re off again, to the cabin for the rest of the month, for some much-needed down-time before the fall semester starts and life gets back on its chaotic track.

So, in the meantime, a very condensed photo essay of our time away:

three of a kind

We’re off…

…and in matching boots no less.

Tomorrow afternoon we’ll all be flying to Greece (with a lovely full day layover in Paris) for 6 whole weeks.  Though Chris will be working, (mostly pottery analysis) the kid and I will enjoy life in a new place for a little while.  Instead of getting our groceries from the ValueMart across the street, it’ll be at the market in town.  Instead of spending afternoons at “garbage park” we’ll get to play in the Edwardian gardens in the archaeological park.

This is the first time we’ve been on a big trip like this together.  And since we haven’t had a honeymoon of sorts, I think this can count towards that too.  Izzy is so excited to go, and to be on site with her Dad.  She (and Chris and I) have been trying to learn a little bit of Greek in the last few weeks.  I feel like Henry Jones Sr. whenever she says something, and I ask her to say it again in Greek.

Packing is finished, apartment is clean, laundry done, but I still feel like there’s something more to do, something we’ve forgotten.  (I doubt that feeling will subside until we wake up on Crete).  And fingers crossed I haven’t forgotten anything important.

spring egg hunt

The kiddo and I spent a lovely week with the grandparents while poor Chris stayed home and slaved over his last big essay of the year.
With time spent between 3 houses, we baked bread, coloured eggs, searched them out in the backyard, dug in the dirt, had naps, got our feet dirty and enjoyed a bit of a break from the city.

Hope your long weekend was lovely as well!

weather and windily

It’s been fairly balmy around here lately… until now.  I can’t tell if it’s raining or snowing (whatever it is, it’s going sideways)  It looks a right mess out there; windy and cold.  So we’re hiding out (literally) in a table tent doing stickers and making balloon animals.

I’ve never been one to wish away a season, but I’m really starting to look forward to the spring and all the things it brings (and its lack of freezing rain).  Hard to believe the equinox is only 2 weeks away, and with it comes my baby’s third birthday!  (even harder to believe)  Where does the time go?

*since I started writing this, it has turned into a full-fledged blizzard out there!*

sick day

The munchkin has a bad cough so we’ve spent the day quarantined from the world.  (Unfournate timing though as we had lunch plans with out-of-town friends we haven’t seen since October)

We made the best of it though, lots of reading, playdough and painting with watercolours.

She is now taking a nap (and at 5:15 means it’ll be a late night) so I took the opportunity to make her a little something to lounge in.  If she sleeps long enough I may have the time to make myself one too.

snow day

We were promised snow, and snow it did!  All night and all day big fat frozen flakes fell from the sky and blanketed the city in white.  Lovely.

Inside we:

coloured paper dolls (which I later stuck to magnet sheets, cut out and stuck on the fridge),

introduced her dolls to the cast of star wars,

and tried some hand sewing.

Then out into a winter wonderland to intercept Chris on his way home from class.

Lovely day indeed.

the big three-oh

Well I had a birthday last week.  It was a big one.  I turned 30.  Now, having a birthday in January doesn’t give me a lot of time to dwell on it, so it tends to come and go without too much notice.  This year we celebrated with friends over a home-cooked meal and a bottle of wine while our girls wreaked havoc on their moving boxes in the next room.

It’s amazing how much has changed in the past 5 years (nonetheless 10!) … I’ll spare you all the gritty details of my past, but it elates me to say that I am now, the happiest I’ve been in my life.  This year, Chris and I will be celebrating 5 years together (and close to 15 of serious crushing) and our munchkin’s 3rd birthday.    Definitely good things too look forward to.

note: I feel I should clarify that I seemed to be the only one who forgot about my birthday.  I received lots of calls and well wishing messages that day (and even a beautiful hand made cable knit beret in the mail).

rainy day

It’s a rainy, thundery kind of day today so the kiddo and I have spent the morning doing the rainy day crafts I’ve been saving up for times like this.  Salt painting, marble painting, finally getting to use our free-store found stamps (Nana came over yesterday with stamp pads. Thank you!)  We even made  a newspaper sword.  Our living room, turned craft room is now in quite a state.  I have a lot of clean up to do before round 2 starts after she wakes up from her nap.

What’s in store for the afternoon?  A little baking maybe?  More painting while I get some sewing projects underway?  Maybe it will clear up enough for us to go outside and enjoy some puddle jumping in our new boots. 🙂

the heart grows fonder..

He’s back.  The kid is beyond thrilled to have her Dad home.  Since the moment he came through the gate at the airport, she hasn’t let him out of her sight.  I’ve probably heard her little mouth spout “I love you daddy” 95472 times in less than 24 hours.  Their reunion couldn’t have been more lovely.

Yesterday morning, she handed me her daddy doll and informed me she wouldn’t be needing it anymore.  Real Dad was coming home today.  I had been so worried about how Izzy would adjust to having her dad home after 7 weeks away, I forgot about how it would be for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that he’s back, I’m just as thrilled as Izzy, but after almost 2 months apart, I think it’s going to take a little bit of work getting back to some sort of regularity.  I feel like I’ve become a better parent having had to do it alone for those few weeks, but am going to have to get used to being someones partner again.   But right now, I think it’s okay for all of us to just coast on reunion bliss.

We’ve lived very different lifestyles for the last 7 weeks.  I’ve been here at home with the kiddo, frequenting the wading pool and playgrounds, whereas he’s been in the desert digging for buried treasure (so to speak) and traveling the near east (with some layovers in Paris – I was lucky enough to have been brought some french pastries, and though a little battered from a 6 hour plane trip, were still amazing).  And not that I’m not happy with my life the way it is here, I love it,  it’s just different.  At least we have a lot of stories, both to hear and tell.

And next year, fingers crossed, we can go too.