sick day

The munchkin has a bad cough so we’ve spent the day quarantined from the world.  (Unfournate timing though as we had lunch plans with out-of-town friends we haven’t seen since October)

We made the best of it though, lots of reading, playdough and painting with watercolours.

She is now taking a nap (and at 5:15 means it’ll be a late night) so I took the opportunity to make her a little something to lounge in.  If she sleeps long enough I may have the time to make myself one too.


snow day

We were promised snow, and snow it did!  All night and all day big fat frozen flakes fell from the sky and blanketed the city in white.  Lovely.

Inside we:

coloured paper dolls (which I later stuck to magnet sheets, cut out and stuck on the fridge),

introduced her dolls to the cast of star wars,

and tried some hand sewing.

Then out into a winter wonderland to intercept Chris on his way home from class.

Lovely day indeed.

out to lunch and up to date

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything, but I have been busy.  I swear!  And not just with crafting, but with life in general so I haven’t been so great at recording my latest efforts, or to be honest, even thinking about recording them.  Having a blog is still new to me and not always on the forefront of my mind while I’m crafting.  I’ll get better.  Promise.  So, in an effort to redeem myself, here’s all the things I’ve been up to in the last month or so:

Stuffed cat and mouse for the kid, as well as felt ravioli for her kitchen, a basket full of balls, quilted pillow cases, a wee nest for the cats (in an attempt to get them off my fabric, which hasn’t worked as well as I’d hoped), some dresses and shorts for the kiddo out of some old shirts, a handful of knitted hats (ya, I know it’s June), various patterns and deodorant from a recipe I found by Amy Karol in Bust last year.  Not to mention the baking, the playing, the card making, and the piles of never-ending laundry.  😉


I think that gets me just about up to date.  Now I promise not to bombard you with a months worth of stuff all at once again.  Well at least I promise to try.

what’s a doughnut?

For her second birthday, the kid got a really great play kitchen from her grandparents.  She loves it.  Plays with it everyday, and makes me more cups of tea and plates of pancakes than I can count.  I really wanted to make her some food for her to play with in her new kitchen so what do I give her but 4 felt doughnuts.  She’s never eaten a doughnut, why on earth would she want 4 of them?  The look on her face when she opened the brown paper bag was priceless.  Bagels?  she asked hopefully.  Doughnuts!  I say. Doughnuts?

I got so wrapped up in making something colourful and fun, that I lost sight of the foods she actually eats and loves.  Fruits and vegetables, sushi or pasta, would have been greeted with big smiles and instant recognition, but alas, I was swayed by the colourful icing and candy sprinkles on deep fried fat.  I have since wised up and made her ravioli for her pasta pot and a piece of whole wheat bread.

Now that Chris is done with exams, I’ll not only have the ideas, but the time to execute them.  This kid is going to have one well stocked pantry.

reduce. reuse.

In an effort to throw out less, I had been wanting to replace the little cotton pads I used to take off mascara with some I could wash and reuse.  Months had gone by since I decided to make my own, 5 or 6 in fact, but I never got around to it, something else always came up.  But I wouldn’t buy new cotton pads.  I didn’t use anything, and for the most part I stopped wearing makeup because I didn’t have the means to take it off again.  Well a few nights ago while I was up with Chris in solidarity as he wrote an essay on feasting in Minoan Crete (or something like that), I realized I had everything I needed to make my own and decided it was time.

I found a cloth diaper flat that had been hiding all this time and miraculously remained unused, and some little flannel scraps and went to work.  I used a tin of badger balm as my template and cut circle after circle.  Then I matched 2 layers of the (spotlessly clean, never before used) diaper flat with a layer of flannel and serged them together. Easy peasy.  They turned out pretty well, and the flannel side is nice and soft whereas the other side is a little bit more textured, and therefore exfoliate-y.  (my skin is happy)  I hung a little mesh laundry bag for easy “disposal” and can then just throw them in the laundry when I go through all 36.

note: since writing this, I have used, and washed these little pads on several occasions, and besides coming out of the wash a little balled up, they’ve been wonderful! (to my skin, my wallet, and of course the earth:) happy earth day!

tea and snack bags

Well I was recently invited by a friend of a friend, to join a group of monstrously talented women to sell our wares at a tea for International Women’s Day last Sunday.  The thought of it terrified and intimidated me (I  enjoy selling things much more when I don’t have to actually be there) but alas, I said yes! and I went, with 25 little snack bags and 2 stuffed lambs to a giant cathedral sized room full of tables with white linens and almost had a heart attack.  I was of course the first one there, which didn’t help my state any, but happy to have found, upon arrival of the others, I was in good company.

the process...

Besides how my legs felt after standing for 3 straight hours, I had a really nice time (and some of the best tea of my life!)

And since Chris’ mom was watching the little girl, we actually got to go out for dinner afterward, just the two of us, for the first time in a year and a half, with the money I made that day.  Not too shabby.

This last week I’ve been sewing like crazy.  Izzy has even started asking me to make specific things like socks for her elephant, pillows for her baby.  Now to get working on her second birthday presents… whatever they may be!

I’ll post pictures of all that soon, but in the meantime:

these ones are for (and waiting for me to send to) Emily These ones belong to, but are yet to be mailed to, Emily.

rags to robes!

I passed on Izzy’s old robe because she outgrew it.  It was starting to look more like a little terry shirt rather than a robe– it barely covered her bum.  Rather than buy a new one, (and not wanting to spend a ton)  I decided to grab an old towel that was lying around and make her a new one myself.

First I folded the towel in half and cut it into a simple T shape and saved the parts I cut away to make a belt and hood

I cut it up the middle, serged the seams and voila!

A great little bathrobe that she loves and has plenty of room to grow!

(for a little while anyhow)